SmartSleeve® Ventilated

Mattress Protector


The ‘Sleep Ventilated’ is the first of a series more luxurious SmartSleeves. The SmartSleeve® fits perfectly around any mattress thanks to its super-elastic sides in lycra.

The three-dimensional knit of the SmartSleeve® creates a layer of air with ventilating and moisture regulating properties between body and mattress.

The microcapsules in the Airsential contain Purotex® natural probiotics. Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that drastically reduce the amount of house dust mite allergens.

Why choose SmartSleeve® Ventilated

  • Luxurious mattress protector
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture regulation
  • Resilience
  • Purotex® probiotics
  • Prevents bad bacteria growth
  • Allergen free sleeping environment

Luxurious intelligent 3D technology with Purotex® natural probiotics

The SmartSleeve® fabric is three-dimensionally knitted. This innovative knitting technique creates a ventilating air layer in each SmartSleeve®. This ventilating layer provides an air circulation under the body. This allows perspiration – that normally soaks into the mattress and pillow – to evaporate. This air layer also evenly distributes the temperature over the entire sleeping surface. Hence, the warmth is not confined to where you lie. SmartSleeve® also helps the mattress and pillow support the body better by relieving extra pressure.

The microcapsules in this SmartSleeve® contain natural probiotics. Probiotics are friendly microorganisms that purify our sleeping environment. The microcapsules burst open due to friction and release the probiotics who multiply very quickly. The active probiotics significantly reduce the chance of allergic reactions. Probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergen sleep disrupters and reduce dust mite allergens with 90%. This ensures a clean and healthy sleeping environment.

Put your allergies to sleep and wake up in a healthy bed!

More information about our sleeping technology
SmartSleeve® Technology

Perfect fit

SmartSleeve® Ventilated fits perfectly around any mattress. Just pull both elastics over the edges of your mattress, at both ends.

More information

Sizes SmartSleeve® Ventilated

80 cm x 200 cm 80 cm x 210/220 cm
90 cm x 200 cm 90 cm x 210/220 cm
100 cm x 200 cm 100 cm x 210/220 cm
140 cm x 200 cm 140 cm x 210/220 cm
160 cm x 200 cm 160 cm x 210/220 cm
180 cm x 200 cm 180 cm x 210/220 cm
200 cm x 200 cm 200 cm x 210/220 cm

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SmartSleeve® Ventilated is also available as Pillowcase .


Top: 100% polyester
Sides: 80% polyamide
20% polyurethane


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