Perfect Fit


Two elastic bands keep the Airsential firmly attached to the mattress.

Other SmartSleeve® mattress protectors:

SmartSleeve® fits perfectly around any mattress (and topper) thanks to its super-elastic sides. A tight fit is ensured thanks to the polyester elastic sewn into the sides. A special lock system seals the mattress protector, fully protecting your mattress.

The SmartSleeve® pillow protector also easily fits between your pillow and pillowcase.

Super-elastic sides in lycra Polyester elastic Lock system

Sleep & go

Each SmartSleeve® comes with its own handy storage keg and is easy to take on the road thanks to the free travel bag. After all, sleeping problems can vary depending on your sleeping environment or time of year. SmartSleeve® is easy to use and maintain and washable at 40°C.

Need advice when choosing your SmartSleeves? Ask your sleep advisor!

Sleep & go