SmartSleeve® is the revolutionary knitting technology that optimizes sleeping comfort. The production process was perfected in the Sleep Academy, a network of scientists, faculties of hi-tech innovation companies. Thanks to the collaboration of this research network, a new knitting technology was created. This technology makes it possible to knit a layer of air between two textile layers. The three-dimensional structure arising creates a unique protective layer with ventilating, moisture regulating and resilient properties.

While sleeping, we lose on average almost 35 cl of moisture per night, equivalent to a glass of water! This is more than 1200 litres over ten years! Most of this moisture evaporates in the air, but one third penetrates the mattress and pillow. If this moisture is unable to escape, it becomes an ideal breeding ground for moulds, house dust mites and other allergens. Sleep on a wonderful air layer thanks to the intelligent mattress protector SmartSleeve®. The air layer ensures the wicking and evaporation of our transpiration liquid so we can create a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment.

Additionally, all SmartSleeve® products are treated with microcapsules with Purotex probiotics.

The microcapsules in the SmartSleeve® contain natural probiotics. Probiotics are a 100% natural remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters. Due to friction between the body and mattress (mattress protector) or between the head and pillow (pillow protector), the microcapsules burst open and start multiplying. Once activated, the probiotics consume the faeces of house dust mites, the cause of allergic reactions. The probiotics also absorb our transpiration liquids, taking away the food source from house dust mites who live from moisture. Probiotics are also used in yogurts to guarantee healthy microflora.


Why choose a SmartSleeve® mattress cover or pillowcase?

  • Ventilating
  • Moisture regulating
  • Resilient
  • Prevents bad bacteria growth
  • Allergen free sleeping environment
Purotex active probiotics
SmartSleeve Technology
Revolutionary 3D technology creates a layer of air between two textile layers and purify your sleeping environment thanks to the Purotex natural probiotics.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a basic version, a version with microcapsules or a version with a waterproof film.

Basic technology

Basic version

The SmartSleeve® fabric is three-dimensionally knitted. This creates a ventilating layer that circulates the air under the body. This allows perspiration – that normally soaks into the mattress and pillow – to evaporate. This air layer also evenly distributes the temperature over the entire sleeping surface. Hence, the warmth is not confined to where you lie. Thus, the bed remains dry, and sleep is no longer disrupted by temperature fluctuations.

Plus SmartSleeve® helps the mattress and pillow support the body better by relieving extra pressure.

SmartSleeve® Ventilated

Mattress Protector Pillowcase
Basic technology

Basic version + microcapsules with thermoregulation

The smartSleeve® fabric is treated with a special thermoregulation technology activated from the moment the person enters the bed.

Microcapsules with thermoregulation
Additional to the air layer and the Purotex probiotics, a thermoregulation technology keeps your body temperature in balance. Your SmartSleeve® Thermo Regulated will respond dynamically to temperature changes. Result: no more suffering from sweating and wet sheets, never too hot or too cold.

The SmartSleeve® Thermo Regulated keeps you comfortably cool & dry, all night, every night!

SmartSleeve® Thermo

Mattress Protector Pillowcase
Basic technology

Basic version + waterproof film

The bottom layer consists of 100% water-repellent polyurethane. This waterproof backing makes the SmartSleeve® waterproof but thanks to the 3D knit the SmartSleeve® keeps his ventilating properties. With the SmartSleeve® Waterproof, your mattress stays clean guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep.

SmartSleeve® Waterproof

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